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[Inishkeen Island, Upper Lough Erne]

"Carved Stone from Romanesque Church"

"Carved Stone Head"

[Kilcoo Graveyard in Frevagh and Slattinagh townlands]

"Cross Slab"


"Exhibitionist Figure on Gable-coping or Cornice"

[Kiltierney, Co. Fermanagh]

"Fragment of a Stone Head"

[Killesher, Co. Fermanagh]

"Fragment of High Cross"

[Tonystick, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh]

"Head Idol"

"Soiscél Molaise (Electroplated Replica)"


"The Bishop's Stone"

[Inishkeen Island, Upper Lough Erne]

"Window Fragment"