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Kathleen Bridle - Artist and Mentor

During her life-time, Kathleen Bridle's art and teaching inspired generations of young people in Fermanagh.  Kathleen Mabel Bridle (affectionately known as ‘Pindi’) was born in Kent, the daughter of an Irish coastguard officer.  In 1926, she moved to Fermanagh to take up a teaching post and began an outstanding forty-year teaching career (Dictionary of Irish Biography)

A highly regarded artist in her own right, Kathleen Bridle's finest watercolours were praised by critics for the way they ‘perfected that indescribable grey-green that lies on the Irish countryside in the rainy season’. To discover works in other collections by Kathleen Bridle, visit Art UK. Many of Kathleen Bridle’s pupils went on to develop their own careers as artists, most famously William Scott (1913-1989) and T.P. Flanagan (1929-2011).  

Bridle, Kathleen

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