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Changing of a Nation

Ireland was officially divided into two separate political areas under the Government of Ireland Act on 23 December 1920. This was a pivotal moment in the history of the island of Ireland, with the formation of Northern Ireland and the Irish Free State. This developing online exhibition explores some of the key events of the time and local life 100 years ago through artefacts and documentation from our collections.


A. Home Rule Debate

Key artefacts for and against Home Rule

B. World War One

World War One's impact on the nation is examined in this section.

C. Easter Rising 1916

Key figures of the Easter Rising are explored through artefacts.

D. Political Pamphlets

Political pamphlets from various perspectives.

E. Partition and the formation of Northern Ireland

Examine the birth of Northern Ireland and Partition here.

F. Flashpoints

Events, places and situations where tensions erupted into violence.

G. Battle of Pettigo/Belleek

Military engagement on the Donegal /Fermanagh Border in between the Anglo-Irish Treaty & the outbreak of Irish Civil War.

H. The Argenta and Border Politics

Correspondence from men interned on the Argenta.

I. Trade and Transport

Transport and trade were affected by the partition of Ireland.

J. Law and Orders

Explore those who upheld rule of law and orders that many civilians joined and supported.

K. Role of Women

The role women played in home life as well as politics is explored in this section.