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"Clones Lace Parasol Cover"

Width: 80cm
An octagonally-shaped parasol cover worked in Clones crochet lace using fine white cotton or linen yarn. The design consists of three concentric circles of flowers; two of roses and the outer of marigolds. There is a central spiral motif and an edging of small roses, shamrocks and daisies. Small roses and shamrocks are also interspersed throughout the picot mesh filling. The outer edge has a scalloped design. The town of Clones, just south of the Fermanagh border, became renowned for its fine crochet lace, after the technique was introduced by teachers from Co. Kildare, in order to provide much-needed employment in the area. The Clones school was established in 1847, after Mrs Hand, wife of a local rector, invited teachers from Co. Kildare to teach Irish Crochet in the Rectory, boys included. After a few years about 1500 workers were employed directly or indirectly. By 1910 it was regarded as the most important centre of the industry in Ireland, hence the craft is widely referred to as 'Clones Lace'. The craft spread from Clones to Fermanagh, where it was particularly practised in and around Roslea and Florencecourt well into the mid 1900's
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