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"Cross Slab"

[Kilcoo Graveyard in Frevagh and Slattinagh townlands]
Length: 83cm
Width: 38cm
Thickness: 18cm
This fine cross-slab was found at the early church site of Kilcoo in Frevagh and Slattinagh townlands, lying against a tree trunk. The slab originally lay flat on top of the grave of a person called Maelcluchi, identified by the inscription in Irish Or(oit) du Mael Cluchi, (a prayer for Maelcluchi). It has an unusual cross shape with circular terminals, a design also found on the island monastery of Inishmurray in Sligo and at Strathy, Sunderland on the north coast of Scotland. The church at Kilcoo is said to have been founded by St. Patrick and the nearby well, Toberpatrick, is dedicated to the saint. Nearby is the base and part of the shaft of an unusually slender High Cross. In about 1865 more than twleve cross slabs were used in the building of the adjoining road. The graveyard area was largely destroyed in the late 20th century following which the landowner donated this cross slab to the County Museum at Enniskillen Castle.
Kindly donated by Mrs Mabel E. Allingham
Historic Environment Division, DfC
Tony Corey
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