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Commemorative Postcard, Sir Roger Casement

c. 1916
Length: 0.14m
Width: 0.09m
Commemorative postcard of Roger Casement. Roger Casement born in County Dublin, entered the British consular service 1892, and earned an international reputation for his reports on human rights violations in Africa and south America. Casement was knighted in 1911 before retiring and joining the Irish Volunteers in 1913. He attempted to secure German aid for the Irish struggle and to raise an Irish Brigade from prisoners of war in Berlin in 1914 but was captured upon returning to Ireland to deter the rising. On 21 April 1916 Casement was sentenced to death. During this time the British government allowed the "Black Diaries", revealing his homosexuality, be circulated, thereby turning public opinion against him. Casement was hanged having being received in the Roman Catholic Church on 3 August 1916.
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