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"Lough Erne Summit Basket"

Belleek Pottery
[Belleek, Co. Fermanagh]
Width: 0.266cm
Presented to mark the occasion of the G8 Summit in Fermanagh The limited edition Belleek basket was made to commemorate the G8 Summit held at the Lough Erne Resort just outside Enniskillen in June 2013. The basket incorporates national emblems from the countries of the participating eight world leaders. This beautiful intricate basket has been inspired by national emblems from the countries of the eight world leaders. The floral arrangement along the top of the basket represents the host country. Shamrocks represent Ireland and small blue flax flowers represent the Northern Ireland Assembly. Scotland, England and Wales are represented by the Thistle, Rose and Daffodil. A lucky four leaf clover is included for good measure! Moving around the Basket in a clockwise direction, Camomile is the National Flower of Russia, painted in white and yellow, it is renowned for its calming properties. The delicate blue Cornflowers found across fields are the National Flower of Germany. Italy is represented with Olives, famous for their Olive Oil and Olive Groves, these are painted green and purple. The National flower of the United States of America is the Red Rose, found along the bottom of the Basket, it is a symbol of love and beauty. Delicate Cherry Blossom and buds are depicted in a rich pink, the national Flower of Japan. The Iris with its violet tones and yellow centre is the National Flower of France. The National Emblem of Canada is the Maple Leaf, hand painted with autumnal tones.It was designed by Claire Rowe, made by Master Craftsman John Doogan and hand-painted by Rachel Love.
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