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"Late Bronze Age Sword"

Length: 53cm
Width: 4.5cm
This sword is a very fine example from the Late Bronze Age, around 1000 to 600 BC. Its two-edged blade measures 41cms in length; its T-shaped hilt at the top has holes for the attachment of a wooden grip. Cast in one piece, its centre of gravity is towards the point and was intended to be used in a slashing manner. In 1952, the sword was found in silt at the side of Lough Erne near Riverside, Enniskillen in County Fermanagh. Since its discovery, the sword has been in private hands and was put up for sale at auction in Dublin in 2021. A determined local campaign enabled the sword to be purchased for the Museum and to return home to Fermanagh.
Purchase supported by the Lough Erne Landscape Partnership, National Lottery Heritage Fund together with the Friends of Fermanagh County Museum and individual donations.
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