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Skyrockets Showband

The local showband ‘The Skyrockets’ accomplished many remarkable achievements in their showbiz career. Hailing from County Fermanagh, the ‘Skyrockets Showband’ was formed in Enniskillen in 1958 by a local man, Cecil Kettyles. They were Fermanagh’s first Showband in the ‘Golden Showband Era’. They toured across Ireland and further afield, performing in many gigs and venues, where they quickly rocketed to fame and stardom.

The Skyrockets Showband released a number of singles throughout their musical career including "After the Dance" and "Noreen Bawn", which was sung by Penny Star and went to number two in the Irish Charts. The band's performances comprised mainly of brass compositions of chart hits, Beatles, Soul, rock 'n roll and big ballads. Today, the Skyrockets Showband is remembered with high esteem, both locally and internationally.


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