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J. Law and Orders

Explore those who upheld rule of law and orders that many civilians joined and supported.

O'Neill, Sharman (Ltd)


"Badge, Unionists Clubs of Ireland"

Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC)

"Security Circular Relating to Sir Arnold Lupton"

"Royal Irish Constabulary Authorisation for Person to Travel"

"Royal Irish Constabularly Officers with Man at a Checkpoint"

Seaman & Sons

"Orange Order Derrygonnelly Star Of Freedom"

[Letterbreen, Co. Fermanagh]

"B-Specials, Coulter's Shop"

"Royal Irish Constabulary Badge"

Fermanagh Times

"Irish National Foresters Branch Ball Invitation"

"Irish National Foresters Banner"

Magee, J. & R.

"B-Special Patrol"

Hudson's Studios

[Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh]

"Foresters Billiards Team"

"RIC Constables and Poteen Still"