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D. Political Pamphlets

Political pamphlets from various perspectives.

Sinn Fein, "Advice to Chairmen of Open Air Meetings."

Sinn Fein, "The Case For The Republic"

P. Mahon

Sinn Fein, "Robbery Under Arms"

Wood Printing Works

Sinn Fein, "Scheme of Organisation, Rules, Etc."

Whiteley & Wright, 30, Blackfriars St.

"Ulster Betrayed, The Startling Admissions of Eoin MacNeill"

Sinn Fein, "The Voice of Ireland"

[Ballymoney, Co. Antrim]

"A Protestant Protest"

North Gate Printing Works

Eoin Mac Neill "The Irish Volunteer"

Belfast Newsletter Office

"Ulster Unionist Council Yearbook"